Our History

     It was fate that brought Gerry and Jen together. They quickly identified that there was something different yet uniquely similar about them. After some collaboration, Consciousness Success was born.

     Consciousness Success is raising the worlds collective consciousness and jacking up your energy along the way!! We noticed that most people take Consciousness sitting down, but that approach lacks the energy to take sustainable action. 

     We'll add fire to your path of Consciousness.  We'll light you ablaze and set you free to conquer your mind, body, and spirit!! If you're the type of person who's ready to take action but lacks the motivation, then this is your answer.

Meet Gerry and Jen

     Gerry lost his Mother before he knew her. He was hit by a car when he was 7 and should have died. His survival was against all odds. Gerry became a U.S. Marine, served in the Middle East, then was separated for medical reasons.

     After college, he founded a nonprofit for Veterans, an S-Corporation, and Consciousness Success...

Life Coaching Programs to pull your challenges out from the roots so they do not grow back.


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   GET FIRED UP!! Don't be a product of your environment, create your environment!! Consciousness is awareness of self and creation of what you want in life.

   Use Life Coaching Programs to help you find your life purpose. Don't get all caught up in trying to make a living and get lost in a never ending rat race. A personal Life Coach  will help you reach your goals faster.   Are you stuck in an unfulfilled life?

   STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND TAKE ACTION!! ​ Get Psychic Readings in San Diego  and a Life Consciousness Coach.

6 Months from now, we're all going to get there, but where are you going to be?